Handley Page 0/400 series 4 1/72 scale model kit

Wasnt she a beauty?

Wasnt she a beauty?

The model kit

The model kit

I have put this one here because Airfix haven’t added it to my affiliate site which leads me to believe it is either going or gone from their range/ If I am wrong, please let me know and I’ll move this to another blog. If it really has gone then it’s a bloomin tragedy because there are a limited number of large World War 1 bombers around and this was a classic.

Aircraft history

The Handley Page 0/400 was one of the earliest heavy bombers used by the RFC. It developed from the 0/100 which was a design requested by the Royal navy to bomb ships in the German high seas fleet as early as 1914. The 0/100 s served with some success against naval and land targets right through until 1918 when they were replaced with the 0/400. The 0/400 took part in the first mass bombing raid in August 1914 when 40 0/400s attacked industrial targets in the Saar region of Germany using 1650 pound bomb. The 0/400 served largely under the Independent air force which was a part of the RAF specialising in strategic bombing. The 0/400 was retired from military service when the war ended and replaced with the Vickers Vimy. Some models were sold to Republican China a few 0/400 models survived the war and 10 were converted for civil use as airliners.

The Airfix scale model

This Airfix kit is not for the faint hearted; even they rate it as a “3” so I would practice with some of their other biplane kits before tackling this bad boy! There are about 160 parts. Do check that the parts fit together before gluing them (a modellers knife might be invaluable here). You might be best complete the fuselage first and let it completely dry. You may find that the holes for the tail struts are in the wrong place so be prepared to carefully drill new ones. The engines also need especial care as they sit within the wing strut assembly so this can be very fiddly and they might need support while drying to keep them in place. Like all biplanes, the wing assembly is crucial and you will need to let the struts dry thoroughly in position before tackling the upper wing and be prepared to be flexible with the strut positions if the pre drilled ones are misaligned. Using thin cotton should enable you to model the rigging on the wings and bi-tail plane to give authenticity. I would also paint some parts of the kit before assembly as they are hard to reach afterwards.

The decals supplied are for the Royal naval air service version

Here is a link to a beautifully constructed example where the modeller has used lycra threads to create the rigging which is an inspired idea. The paint job, I think, is the original world war 1 strip


Very nice

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Battle of Britain experience model kit

Battle of Britain Experience Gift Set 1:72 Scale model kit.

This is the first of a series of blogs about Airfix model kits we would love to see back in stock or re continued. The blog is designed to complement the services of our affiliate model website:

This Spitfire Mk 2A, now owned by the Battle o...

This Spitfire Mk 2A, now owned by the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight, was built at Castle Bromwich (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This was a match made in heaven in terms of a dogfight kit. Made in conjunction with the “Battle of Britain experience” an organization that educates and commemorates this vital part of British history, this actually included 3 models.- There was one Spitfire and one Hurricane (representing the actual Hurricane flown by Robert Stanford Tuck DSO, DFC and two bars and the Supermarine Spitfire MkIa of Adolph ‘Sailor’ Malan DFC). The opposition is represented by the Messerschmitt Bf109E-4 of Adolf ‘Dolfo’ Galland. All the flyers were major air aces in the battle. There is no actual evidence that these pilots “dogfought” each other but it is not beyond the realms of possibility that they might have clashed- Galland was actually not present for the climax of the battle in September 1940.

The model kit

The kits included 8 paints 2 brushes and air craft cement and are reasonably straightforward and could be tackled by those new to modeling. With the high profile nature of the kit’s subject, this would make an ideal gift. please have a look at see separate aircraft kits for details on history and construction. Here is one about the Panther tank, a slightly different subject but I will be putting many more like this up in the near future

the post

This is one of a few great model kits that Airfix seem to have discontinued and that Id like to see back on the shelves and available on line. If We can generate some interest and some demand, then Airfix (and other model kit manufacturers may be tempted to re issue some of them. thats the theory any way!

I do realise that there are some very old models that people may want back but these are impractical where original molds have been destroyed, perhaps we can get feedback regarding these situations, We shall see!


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